Udemy : Python For Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp

If you haven’t read about my initial start with PCI and then deviating to learning Python, you can read it here.

While I completed the first free module in datacamp, I wanted to upgrade my free subscription and end up buying the all year package which would give me access to all the data science courses available on datacamp. Just before I could do that, I got my hands on :

“Udemy : Python For Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp”

This Udemy course was an upgrade for me from the free course provided for everyone on datacamp. They say, when you really want to get going – the universe will help you in all the ways possible. This is true, and this happens when you put in efforts to learn something with an open mind, knowing very well – that the road the completion will not be that easy. This course too begins with a similar module which I completed in datacamp ( so it would be a refresher for me ) and goes all the way in exploring several data science packages that python provides ( I am talking about NumPy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn and more ).

This makes perfect sense and you know you are going in the right direction. If you are an aspiring data scientist and you know quite a bit about programming ( even the tiny basics will do ) then you should target for learning these packages to begin with than learning python basics / python for programmers course which is available in Udemy / datacamp. They have exercises and also capstone projects which you can complete after the course. The excitement just goes one step higher when you come across boot camps which you feel were outlined just for you and just at the right time. After all the efforts you put in, you landing at the right spot feels heavenly.

I will let you know about this course in about a months time or sooner when I complete the course, probably in another separate blog. Stay Tuned !