Python : Introduction To NumPy

Num Pi or Num P as it is commonly referred to is a Linear Algebra library for python. Almost all of the libraries in the PyData ecosystem reply on NumPy as one of their main building blocks. NumPy is incredibly fast.

The NumPy library can be installed using pip install command. In case you are new to installing libraries in python, I would recommend you to visit this link to get a deeper understanding on how to install libraries in python.

  • NumPy arrays will be widely used while working with data.
  • NumPy arrays essential come in two flavors : vectors and matrices.
  • NumPy Vectors are strictly 1 dimensional arrays and matrices 2 dimensional.
  • A matrix however can have just one row or just one column.

This should be sufficient for you to get started with NumPy. Let’s get started with using NumPy arrays in python using jupyter notebook.

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